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By Kenya Joy


Summer 2020 Choreographer, Kenya Joy Gibson felt the need to bring a message to her community. After her trip to Ghana back in December of 2019, she was inspired to tell a story. As a professional choreographer, dancer, educator, and researcher, Kenya is committed to cultivating new methods of reclaiming and retaining the legacy of the African Diaspora. She wanted to produce a work that pays homage to our ancestors who journeyed through the Middle Passage -  those who made it across the Atlantic Ocean, and those who sacrificed their lives at sea. She truly believes that it essential that their stories are not often told. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19,  she felt it was best to do a visual, so she contacted us through a mutual friend to help her fill this void.


    With this sonic visual, Kenya, and along with her colleague Maxwell Louis Waterman, she wanted to convey the emotions that were felt during that time, and in many ways, we still feel today. She did exactly that through the beautiful art form of dance to the sounds of Bobby Mcferrin and Nina Simone. Kenya choreographed this entire piece and might I say, she did her thing! 


    It's important that we remember those that came before us and what they had to sacrifice. So with no further due we present to you "HONOR" by Kenya Joy Gibson.

Check out the official video below.

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